Thank you to all our Partners in Hope for donating to St. Jude!

PIH Calendar Dates 2016
First Name Last Name Month Date Comments
Andrea McClimans January 4  
Gretchen Gunderson January 6 Gary Richmond, her father
Diane Morris January 8 Matthew's birthday
callie bush January 8  
MaryAnn Bertucio January 11  
Molly Crozier January 13  
Carole Thornton January 16 Happy Birthday
David Hopple January 19 Granddaughter's birthday, Rita
Julie Fox January 22  
Jodi Young January 22  
William Yiengst January 23  
Lauri Rowley January 25  
Bonnie Baker January 28  
Lorie Boyer January 29 In memory of Troy Alexander
Gina Schultheiss January 30  
Brandon Palm January 30  
Kathleen Chastain January 30 In honor of Jack Benson
Chris Few January 30 Happy Birthday
Debra Albright January 31 Parker
Melissa Tlasic February 1  
Debra Balcerzak-wilson February 1  
Gregory Henry February 3  
Stacey Bossler February 3  
Joan Koppenhaver February 4 In memory of Barbara Bardorf
David Teufel February 4  
Robin Marzella February 5 Jemma Marzella
Rhonda Giddings February 6  
Kermit Katzaman February 8  
Brandon Marfico February 9  
wendy wulffleff February 9  
Kelly Gorman February 9 In honor of her sister, Shannon, who kicked cancer's butt and Happy Birthday, Dad! 
James Stafford February 10 Grandmother Veronica
Adrienne Mitford February 11  
Crystal Wertz February 12  
Kimberly Pinson February 13  
Jodi Major February 13  
kelly bolden February 13 Connor's birthday
Kathy Reinhold February 14  
Benita Zuvich February 14  
Charlene Feeser February 14  
pam brocious February 14  
karena dowf February 15  
Lloid Lingle February 16  
Jerry Musser February 18 Cody Musser
Amy Colpo February 19  
Cheryl Horn February 20 Happy Birthday, Madyson
Melissa Parr February 20  
Tammy Keller February 21  
Sherry Reeder February 21  
Amy Jones February 21  
Brandi Grove February 21 Miss you, Mom
Melissa Holler February 23 Celebrating being cancer free, H's birthday
Erin Ferro February 23  
Michael Smith February 24  
Marvin Hockley February 25 Reily Roberts (granddaughter) birthday
gina Fritzinger March 1  
Barbara Sadler March 1  
Belinda Weyandt March 4 her birthday
Sherry Barbour March 5 In memory of her mother
Tracy Mersch March 8 Makenna
Ryan Eckman March 9 Elizabeth Ann's birthday
Kat Leipert March 9  
Beth Ann Barto March 9 In memory of Troy Brewer
Tiffany Seeley March 10 Happy Birthday, Trevor Seeley
Paula Matter March 10  
Para Russo March 10  
Patricia Peters March 11 Jason's birthday
deanna moyer March 11 Anniversary
Jessica Koser March 14  
Sharon Yost March 14  
Amy Del Castillo March 17  
Chris Leipert March 18  
linda garman March 19  
Sandra White March 20  
Amanda Janney-Hayman March 20 Happy 8th Anniversary
Angela Carl March 22 Kali
Greg Stewart March 22  
Tanya Weidman March 23 Happy Birthday, Mycenea
Beth Turner March 23  
Debra Gelwicks March 25 in memory of her daughter
Rick Keever March 25  
marie gibble March 25 Good  Friday
Alesha Magill March 27  
JC Green March 27  
Jason Burd March 31  
Jennifer Wolf March 31 Eli
Cindy Tice April 1  
David Carl April 1  
craig swanger April 1  
Jeffery Enslin April 2  
Stephen Cordier April 3 Kate's birthday
Luanne Bell April 4 Youngest daughter's birthday (Sarah)
Todd Biddinger April 5  
Deborah Maste April 5  
James Vas Korlin April 6  
DeLinda Schwaln April 6  
Nikka Gates April 6  
vickie marshall April 6  
Phil Noll April 7 Happy Birthday, Jack Noll
paula kratzer April 7  
tracey fleck April 8 Daughter's Birthday
Jody Musser April 9  
Jesse Snyder April 14  
William Stroup April 16 6 years cancer free! Every kid should hear those words.
Annette Miller April 16  
Michelle Gehret April 17  
Mary Kate Holder April 18  
Katy Bilder April 19  
christina conrad April 20  
Kathy Burd April 22 Adalynn's birthday
Deanna  Briner April 22 Dave Briner
Nicole Lukens April 24  
Sandy Snyder April 24  
Whitney Durcho April 25  
Kenneth Little April 26  
Scott Ott April 27  
Laurie Ernest April 28  
katie grady April 29 Mitchell's birthday
Ashley Reich May 1  
Kelsey Hoover May 1  
Don Updegrave May 3 his birthday
Michael Isenberg May 4 In memory of dad
Crystal Cramer May 5  
Shannon Murphy May 5  
Eric Greenawalt May 6 Eric's brithday
Kirsten Miller May 9  
Kim Phillips May 9  
Heather Prudish May 12  
Heidi Pope May 13  
Samantha Kuhn May 13  
Catharine Krugh May 14  
Deborah Robinson May 14  
Jodi Klinepeter May 14  
Leeann Labarko May 16  
Kelly Rojas May 18  
karen groff May 18  
Linda Suter May 19  
Bridgett Newsome May 19 Happy Birthday, Kaylee
Kathleen Weaver May 19  
Adina Papinchak May 20  
Geraldine Parr May 20  
Crystal Auman May 21  
Ashlie McClain May 21  
Annie Matincheck May 21  
kyle arnold May 22  
amanda kocher May 22  
Alison Brandt May 22 Glenn Brandt, currently fighting cancer
danielle andrews May 25  
Teresa Wagner May 26  
Daniel Howell May 27 birthday
Lisa Shymanski May 28 Anniversary
Cristine Ward May 28  
Amber Shumaker May 29  
Liz Burdick June 1  
Lisa Jennings June 1  
Erinn Blasco June 6 Violet, daugher, is turning 2, and another child on the way to be born in June too! 
Barbara Mirarchi June 9  
Karen Clark June 9 Brittany Clark's parents :) Ralph and Karen's 32nd Wedding Anniversary 
Joseph Greco June 9 Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary
Carla Perry June 10  
Kathaleen Park June 11  
Holli Reidlinger June 12 her birthday
Bernard Danko June 13 Shirley's birthday
Tammy Forry June 14  
Keith Rinesmith June 18  
Charles Persing June 20  
Deborah Drayer June 22 In honor of Liam Grove
Mary Hunter June 22 Blair and Keir Hunter
Tammy Bixler June 22 Charlie's birthday
Debra Oshaben June 22 In memory of husband, Alan, from Deb and Kira
stephanie myers June 23  
Kelley Houtz June 23  
Charles Shambaugh June 24  
Sharon Nelson June 26 In honor of healthy grandchildren
Dorothy Rohrbaugh June 28 Great grandson's birthday
Kathy Smith June 28  
Jim Hutchison June 29 Wife, Cynthia's birthday
Edward Griffith June 30 Edward's birthday
Susan Houghton June 30 Her birthday
Andrea Moody June 30  
Alison Fleagle June 30  
Robin Riegle June 30 In honor of Brayden Lanoue
Rodrigo Trevino July 3  
Lauren Haines July 4  
ken wilson July 4  
Diana Stone July 6  
Sherril Miller July 7 Grandson Isaiah's birthday
Greg Teter July 8 Lois's birthday
Regina Fisher July 9  
Belinda Mullen July 10  
Sandra Beers July 10 Blessed to have a healthy family
Rachelle Hammer July 11 Corbin's birthday
Don Kitner July 11  
Traci Tolbert July 11  
Lisa Barker July 12  
Melinda Joyce July 13 In memory of brother, Richard DiCarlo
Amanda Eagle July 14  
Robyn Nolen July 15 In honor of my mom and grandsons, Riley and Jayce
William Palm July 17 Happy Birthday, Mason Palm
David Wickard July 17  
deborah culhane July 18  
Tim Malloy July 21  
Sharon Foster July 22  
Debbie Haas July 22  
Jacqueline Hutteman July 23 Debbie's birthday
Jessica Lelii July 24  
SHERI BOCK July 25 Happy Anniversary
Lisa Hoose July 29 her birthday
Pam Shafer July 29  
Randall Sorrow July 31  
Nancy Rodgers August 1  
Cindi Tyson August 1 In memory of her son--August 1st was his birthday
Natasha Burgos August 1  
Teresa Baker August 2  
Cheri Stouffer August 2 In honor of healthy grandchildren, Landon and Isaac
adrienne eckenrode August 3  
Jennifer Wolf August 7 Zeke
Rebecca Hill August 7  
Joy Irvine August 8  
Johnathan Jackson August 8  
Karen Gabel  August 8 Anniversary
Lesley Groff August 9  
Nancy Plank August 9  
Scott Leipert August 9  
Bridget Crouse August 9 Anniversary
Tammie Baade August 9  
Suzanne Roush August 11  
Carrie Knuph August 12  
Traci Lautsbaugh August 12  
Kathleen Trimmer August 12  
Bridget Paz August 14  
Ashley Keiffer August 17 Happy Birthday, Grandma
Stefanie Perkins August 18  
karen michael August 19 In honor of their children
Cindi Walker August 19 In memory of sister, Cori Sick
michelle darr August 23 In Memory of Emily Groft
Steven Grubb August 23 Happy Birthday, Logan grubb
jason ruhl August 25 In memory of Pop
Diane Fry August 27  
margret doebler August 27  
Carolyn Dechamplain August 29  
Brandon Blue August 29 Anniversary
crystal hartz August 29 her birthday
Vonda Treaster August 30 In honor of two kids, Morgan and Evan
Christine Adzema September 1 Anniversary
Jody McCann September 3  
Liz Williams September 7  
Ruth Wertz September 7  
Betty Gebhard September 9  
John Shaffer September 9  
Colleen Shemory September 11 In memory of Tina Hoover
Brenda Beal September 11  
stacey brown September 13  
William Calvert September 14 Wedding anniversary
Kristine Aldridge September 15  
Sherry Suroviec September 16 Barbara's birthday
Penny Myers September 18  
Deanna Goheen September 19 Wedding anniversary
Kim Woodrow September 21 In memory of her loved ones
Lauren Greene September 22  
Larry Mengel September 24  
Kellyn Hood September 24  
Anita Schaar September 25  
Kristopher Berlied September 27  
Jodi Klinepeter September 29  
Lynn Reed September 29 Son, Nicholas, birthday
The Center for Dental Sleep Medicine   September 29  
TAMARA DIEHL September 29 In honor of her son, Eli--his birthday
michelle hartwell October 4  
Holly Kuhstos October 6  
Wanda Lesh October 7 grandson's birthday
Kevin Snyder October 7 Son's birthday
Susan Shaver October 7  
Carol Eisner October 8 Happy Anniversary Silvia and Jerry Eisner
Steve Ferra October 9  
Pamela Mcghee October 10  
Pat Orth October 11  
Krista Etzweiler October 12  
Pat Herigan October 12  
paige renninger October 13  
George Seeger October 18  
Brenda Lehman October 23  
Steven Grubb October 23 Son, Connor
Lisa Carvell October 24 Anniversary
Ryan Flemmer October 28  
danielle zechman October 28  
Wendy Landis November 1  
Matthew Kuntz November 2  
Don Schuler November 2  
Rachel Diem November 3  
Leigh Miller November 3 In honor of Blake and Taylor
Jody Kooiman November 4  
Michelle Marriott November 6  
lisa smith November 7  
Amanda Swanger November 9  
Linda Cary November 9 Child's birthday
Susan Schraf November 11  
Sarah Spicher November 18 In honor of our 4 beautiful children.
Rose Rohrbaugh November 18 Glenda O'Donel
Kandy Isenberg November 18 miss you, dad
Jennifer Roush November 18 Adoption day for all 5 kids
Jody Troutman November 20  
Kathleen Wells November 21  
Nicole Howell November 22 Father, Bryan Rittle, birthday
Tammy & Sean Murvine November 23 In honor of Xander's 2nd birthday
Susan Summerville November 24  
cyndi jones November 24  
Karri Forsythe November 26  
Anita Hackman November 30  
Dawn Miller December 1 her birthday
Sue Breski December 2 In memory of mom and dad
Denise Neely December 2  
lisa zeigler December 2  
Cindi Walker December 4 In memory of Tony Minori, brother
Chelly Ney December 4 her birthday
Wilsbach Distributors   December 7  
Candi Plank December 9  
Katie Jury December 11  
Leonard Leitzell December 13  
Garth Basehore December 13  
Kathleen Krommes December 18  
Ellen Rhoaes December 18  
Deanna Briner December 19 Patty Bumgardner
Courtney Mullen December 21  
Rose Sharp December 21 In memory of Jane Frank
Dorothy Tully December 25  
Suzette Cook December 25  
Eunice Murphy December 25  
Camille Koppenhaver December 28  
Diane Bennett December 28 In memory of Betty
Christina Harris Jones December 29  
Carol Knisely December 30 husband's birthday
Ken Wright December 31 Anniversary
Terry Harden December 31  
Robyn Holder December 31  
Gary LaTulippe NO DATE NO DATE In honor of granddaugher, Leah
Emily Huggins NO DATE NO DATE 4 kids Cassady, Koalton, Karleigh, Karrigian
James Jones NO DATE NO DATE In honor of four healthy grandkids
Judith Cooley NO DATE NO DATE Neil, Judith's brother who was treated at St. Jude more than 40 years ago