Is Social Media killing your family?

These days parents have good reason to be worried about their children’s online behavior, especially when it comes to social media, but it turns out, parents may want to worry about their own behavior as well. According to new research, social media behavior can severely damage real-life relationships, especially the relationship between a parent and a child.

The study found that 21% of parents say their relationship with their child was negatively affected by seeing their kids in compromising situations on social media, like say being under the influence or wearing something revealing. But it turns out the effects goes both ways. In fact, more than 20% of parents say their relationship with their child was damaged after the child saw something compromising in their parents' social media feed.

But it’s not just the parent/child relationship that can be affected. The survey finds that 16% of people say their relationship with their partner was damaged by compromising posts on social media.

Social media is also affecting relationships because it’s responsible for less face-to-face interactions. The research finds that 31% of people admit they communicate less with their parents because of social media, while 33% communicate less with their children, 23% with their partners and 35% with friends. 

Source: The Street

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