Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Pet?

There’s no doubt most people love their pets, but according to a new survey, some actually love their pets more than their mates. In fact, folks love their animals so much, many will be showering them with gifts on Valentine’s Day.

A new survey by Petcube finds that 84% of pet owners admit they show their pet more affection than they do their partner, while 54% plan to treat their pet to a Valentine’s Day present.

And gifts aren’t the only ways pet owners show their animals love. Overall, 91% actually tell their pets they love them, while 96% pet them, 96% play with them and 91% give them treats. And of course who doesn’t love to give their pet kisses, but 32% say they actually kiss their animal on the lips.

Pets are so integral to people’s lives they could be affecting their romantic relationships. The survey finds that 76% of people say a romantic partner is more attractive if they’re pet friendly, while 9% have actually ended a relationship over a pet. And apparently some people think pets are also very helpful in judging a prospective mate, with 25% of people saying they’ve taken their pet on a date.

Source: Petcube

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