Parents are upset over American Girl dolls underwear?

People love their American Girl  dolls, but the company has announced that their dolls are now going to  have their underwear sewn onto their bodies, and some customers are  really upset. Undergarments for these dolls used to be bought separately  and could be changed, like the rest of their clothing and accessories.  But now they’re changing all that.

American Girl writes in a Facebook post  that the new undies design will “eventually affect all of our Truly Me  dolls; the BeForever characters Julie, Melody, and Maryellen; and some  of our contemporary dolls to come.” And they include a side-by-side  photo showing the old, unattached underwear, next to the new design. But  people aren’t happy with the change to the 18-inch dolls.

Facebook users rushed to complain about the new design. “The boxes,  zip ties and now sewn-on underwear are all cost cutting measures that  reduce the quality of these dolls from heirloom quality to be passed  down for generations to low-quality retail,” one writes. And another  points out that “girls 8-12 can keep track of their dolls’ panties.” She  adds that her “girls are really disappointed by this unnecessary  change.”

For their part, American Girl is doing what they can to keep fans  happy, saying the new underwear design “shouldn’t hamper a girl’s  ability to create limitless play opportunities.” And assuring customers  that “We love our fans and love how passionate this community is about  American Girl.” And since they’re paying $115 for a doll, there’s a  whole lot to be passionate about!

Source: People

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