The WORST Valentine's Day Gifts Revealed!

It’s not always easy to shop for your Valentine, but some people’s presents are epic fails. A new Reddit thread  asks the question “What’s the worst possible gift for your significant  other on Valentine’s Day?” Here are some of the horrible presents people  received:

Steamer mop - One user says he asked his S.O. what  she wanted one year and she told him a H2O steamer mop, so that’s  exactly what he got her. And recognizing that’s not the most romantic  gift, he also threw in some flowers and chocolate - but when the story  gets told today, it’s just the time he got her a mop for Valentine’s  Day.

Failed flowers - When one user ordered flowers for  his girlfriend, they didn’t arrive or were stolen from the porch. But  instead of replacing them or getting her something else, he gave her the  delivery confirmation instead. Which he admits “wasn’t as funny as he  thought it’d be.”

Pencil sharpener - Another Reddit user’s dad had never given his mom a present for Valentine’s Day before, so he encouraged him to finally  get her something. The father took the advice, listened to what mom  said she wanted and bought her an electric pencil sharpener. While she  did mention their old one was junk, it wasn’t the romantic gift she’d  been hoping for and she was so mad, her hubby never got her another  Valentine’s present again.

Cigarettes - When one Redditor was trying to quit  smoking, his girlfriend bought him a pack of cigarettes - because she  thought it would help him relax!

Wrong gift - A girl who was still in touch with her  ex accidentally mixed up the present she had for him and the one she had  for the new guy she was seeing. Unfortunately, there was also a card  inside where she poured out her feelings for her ex and admitted she  still loved him. And you can’t really explain your way out of that one!


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