Men reveal why they rejected women

Getting up the nerve to approach a guy and ask him out is never easy,  and it’s heartbreaking if after all of that a guy turns you down flat.  And let’s face it, it usually leaves you wondering what you did to  deserve such rejection.  Well, thanks to a new thread on the anonymous  Whisper app we now know some of the reasons me have said no, and in most  cases, it likely wasn’t you.

Men have taken to the site to confess reasons they’ve turned down  gals, and many of them have nothing to do with the gals themselves. So,  if you’re wondering why you were rejected here are some possibilities.

Reasons men have rejected women include:

  • “A woman asked about me though a friend, showing sexual interest in  me, but I just turned her down because that’s not what I want right now.  Eventually, yes but not right off the bat. Date and marry first.”
  • “My best friend’s ex asked me out. I politely turned her down. Never break the bro-code.”
  • “The girl I like asked me out and I got so excited I was scared to come off too eager and turned her down. Why am I so stupid.”
  • “I rejected a girl I really like because I said I wasn’t looking for  a relationship. Reality of it is, I just want sex at the moment and I  like flirting with women when I can. Bittersweet.”
  • “A girl asked me out last year but I turned her down because she’s  the school slut. Asked me out again at the beginning of this year and  asked me out again last week. I keep turning her down.”
  • “People thought I rejected a girl because she was a bigger black  girl and I was a scrawny white guy, but secretly I thought it was  because she could do better than me.”
  • “A girl asked me out and I turned her down because she has a wrist tattoo.”
  • “Rejected a girl because of my commitment issues. I feel like utter filth.”
  • “I rejected a girl today saying she was fat because she rejected by friend two months ago cuz he was short. #payback.”
  • “I just rejected a girl I’m in love with because I didn’t want to commit to a relationship and not meet her expectations.”
  • “Just rejected a girl because she is wearing a Patriots jersey in one of her picks. Raider f***in Nation.”
  • “The first thing I see in a girl is her eyes. I rejected a girl because her eyes were dull. I know I’m shallow.”
  • “Just rejected a girl because I’m afraid I’m unlovable.”

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