The 3 Things Successful People Do Every Morning

While most people struggle to get out of bed in the morning, and are  lucky if they have enough time to shower, get dressed and run out the  door, just giving ourselves a few extra minutes to perform a few simple  tasks could be the key to a more successful life.

According to a new report, successful and wealthy people do three  easy things in the a-m that they say are the key to having a productive  day. The best part? It really isn't be too hard for the rest of  us to adopt these tweaks into our daily routine.

Successful people’s good morning routine includes:

  • They make a huge to-do list - As soon they you wake  up, before they even brush their teeth, successful people make a to-do  list of their goals for the day, and put upcoming tasks and deadlines in  priority order so they can check them off as the day goes on. 
  • They listen to uplifting playlists - Forget putting  your iPod on random shuffle, instead, powerful people like to start  their day with music that will inspire and uplift them throughout the  day.
  • They read inspirational quotes – You may think  those cheesy inspirational quotes people post on Facebook are  ridiculous, but most successful people can’t begin their day without  them. Such inspirational and optimistic words can give them purpose for  the day.

Source: The Daily Mail

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