How Americans REALLY spent their tax refunds

As we previously told you,  most people who are due for a tax refund this year plan to use it  sensibly, either paying off bills or saving and investing it. But there  will always be some people who blow that refund check on frivolous  things, and you just may be shocked at what exactly they'll be doing  with it.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks admitting to the  things they plan to spend their refund check on, and while some of the  expenses are sensible, for most of them, you’ll probably be left shaking  your head. 

Things folks will spend their refund check on include:

  • “I’m gonna spend my entire tax return fixing up my car and driving  800 miles to confess to a girl how much I love her and want to be with  her.”
  • “I used by tax return on a hooker.”
  • “Got my tax return, and of course I paid off some debt but with the  remainder I bought myself a high-end vibrator. Absolutely amazing.”
  • “I’ve got to use my tax return to pay for my dog’s yearly checkup. I have three and it’ll cost about $1,000.”
  • “I spent my tax return on cocaine and sushi.”
  • “Spending an entire tax return on tattoos.”
  • “My direct deposit and that tax return hit the same day. I’m getting name brand cereals to celebrate.”
  • “Going mattress shopping when my husband and I get our tax returns. Being an adult blows.”
  • “With my tax return I’m going to hire strippers to come over, keep  their clothes on, and play video games. Everyone needs a day off.”
  • “I spent almost my entire tax return on expensive lingerie. I’m still not a responsible adult.”
  • “I’m using my tax return and school refund to get butt implants.”
  • “Finally got my tax return...Since I’m single with no kids, I’m gonna spoil the sh*t out of my dog.”
  • “Think I’ll buy myself a new set of boobs with my tax return.”
  • “I’m using my tax return to buy drugs. I’m going to use my drug purchase as a deduction next year.” 

Source: Whisper

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