50 Things You MUST Do Before Age 50

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When you're young you think we have all the time in the world to get  things done, but age certainly creeps up fast and soon you’re  approaching 50 and a lot of things you wish you did just didn’t happen.  Well, a new British survey, which could easily translate here, asked  folks what things everyone should do before they turn the big 5-0 and  some of the answers may surprise you.

Some of the things on the "50 Tings To Do Before 50 list are pretty  expected, like buy a house, get married, have kids, fall in love, etc.,  but some are a bit wilder. For example, sleeping under the stars made  the list, as did go skinny dipping, pick a random fight at the airport,  ride an elephant and get a tattoo.

As for how people feel once they turn 50, the survey finds that less  than 40% of people have accomplished all their life goals by the  milestone birthday. But it’s not like their life is over. In fact, 39%  of people believe that life actually begins at 50.


Top Ten Things To Do Before You Turn 50(click here for the complete list)

  1. Buy a house
  2. Have kids
  3. Get married
  4. Fall in love
  5. Eat fish and chips on the pier (remember, it's a British survey)
  6. Donate blood
  7. Read 100 books
  8. See your favorite band live
  9. Learn a language
  10. Attend a music festival



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