Yes...Your Boss is Judging Your Messy Desk

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office knows there are just some  people who don’t know how to keep their desk neat and tidy. We’ve all  had co-workers who do their job in complete clutter with papers  everywhere, and while it may not affect their how they do their job, it  is affecting how their boss sees them.

A new OfficeTeam survey finds that 54% of senior managers  say sloppiness and disorganization are the most annoying things about  employee workspaces. Surprisingly, 10% of managers also say having a  desk that’s too clean or bare can be an issue. Other distracting things  about employee workspaces include having inappropriate photos or phrases  visible (21%), and having too many knick knacks or decorations. (15%). 

And while you may not be able to imagine that anyone would keep  something inappropriate or offensive at their desk, there are some folks  who just don’t know where to draw a line. When asked, 15% of managers  said they’ve seen an inappropriate item or decoration at a workspace. 

Source: Office Team

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