The Perfect Dating Profile Pic is....

If you’re getting ready to dip your toe into the online dating pool  one thing’s for sure, you need a perfect profile picture. And just  because you look good in the photo you choose, doesn’t mean it will help  you attract your perfect mate. Well, now the dating app Hinge analyzed  their members profiles pics to come up with some suggestions on what  they say are the most successful dating profile photo practices that  will help you get the most likes by potential mates.

It seems women should go with a photo with their hair up, which will  give them a 72% chance of getting more likes. They should also smile  with their teeth (72%), look away from the camera (74%) and stand alone  (69%). As for men, smiling without teeth gives them a 43% chance of more  likes, and they should also look ahead (102%) and stand alone (11%).

As for the setting of a photo, images showing sports activities  increase the chance of likes by 75%, while pics of a night out increase  them by 74%. Also, black and white photos are a big help, showing a 106%  chance of getting more likes, and spontaneous photos are also  preferred.

And it seems one thing you want to stay away from is beach photos.  Apparently folks don’t like seeing potential mates at the beach, with  women 47% less likely and men 80% less likely to get a like with a beach  photo. Another thing to stay away from is a Snapchat filter, with those  pics decreasing the chances of getting a like by 90%, while bathroom  selfies also decrease chances by 90%.

Source: The Daily Mail

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