We Made the List of "States with the Worst Drivers"

While most people love to get behind the wheel of their car, we all  know that driving can be dangerous, with some drivers practicing some  risky behavior behind the wheel. Well, a new report is out that reveals  which parts of the country have the worst drivers, and somehow I don’t  think many of us will be all that shocked.

According to the study by insurance marketplace Everquote, folks in  the Northeast are guilty of being the worst drivers, since they tend to  speed the most while using their cellphones. If you want to feel safer  on the road, it’s best to limit your driving to areas in the West and  Midwest, where drivers mostly adhere to driving laws.

More specifically, drivers in Montana are rated the best, with a safe  driving score of 90. Montana drivers do use their cell phones behind  the wheel as much as drivers in any other state, but a lot less of them  are speeding, with only 17% of drives in the state involving speeding,  and 10% involving hard turns and risky acceleration.

Best Driving States in the U.S.

  1. Montana – (safe driving score of 90)
  2. Wyoming – (89)
  3. Alaska – (88)
  4. South Dakota – (87)
  5. North Dakota – (87)

On the flipside, drivers in Rhode Island are by far the worst, with  an overall safe driving score of just 70. In fact, 57% of all Rhode  Island drives involve speeding, while 38% of trips involve a person on a  phone and 29% involve hard breaking.

Worst Driving States in the U.S.

  1. Rhode Island – (70)
  2. Connecticut – (71)
  3. Pennsylvania – (73)
  4. New Jersey – (73)
  5. New Hampshire – (74)

Source: Yahoo Finance

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