People with Tattoos BANNED from Popular Tourist Spot

Folks with tattoos certainly love to show them off. And in America,  that's easy - body art is often admired and celebrated. The same can’t  be said for Japan. In fact, having even the smallest amount of ink on  your body can get you banned from a some popular places.

According to a government survey, 56% of Japanese hotels won't allow  someone with a tattoo to enter public bathing areas, which means  tourists with ink are now allowed to visit Japanese onsens, or hot  springs. While this many not sound like a big deal, a past survey found  that the popular spas were the reason one-third of tourists visited  Japan in the first place. 

But the ban isn’t in place simply because Japan doesn’t like tattoos.  It seems the country associates such ink with members of the Japanese  mafia - the yakuza - so the ban is a way to keep them out of public  institutions.

On a positive note, it does seem that some onsens are lightening up  the rule. Government agencies have convinced them to allow tattooed  non-Japanese tourists to visit their establishments, although the ban  can still apply to Japanese visitors.

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