The Most-Booked Hotel in the US is....Surprising?

When it comes to booking a vacation, finding the perfect hotel can be  the difference between a great vacation and a total disaster. Online  reviews are certainly helpful, and there are definitely some hotels  favored by travelers more than others, and then there are those that  everyone seems to want to stay at.

Well, TripAdvisor has just come out with a list of the most-booked  hotels in the world and some of them may surprise you. While you may  imagine the hotel topping the list to be some five-star location, it’s  actually a pretty budget-friendly option.

Topping the list of the most-booked hotels in the world (and the  United States) is the Best Western Premier Inn at the Grand Canyon,  Arizona. While it’s far from a five-star property, the AAA-rated hotel  is likely the most popular due to its proximity to Grand Canyon National  Park. Not that it’s lacking amenities, since it does have three on-site  restaurants, a bowling center, arcade and 24 hour gym, as well as an  indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

  • The U.S. is overall pretty popular, with the top three most-booked  hotels in the world all located in the United States, with the Park Lane  Hotel, New York City coming in second and the Yavapai Lodge, Grand  Canyon National Park coming in third. 
  • As for the most booked hotel in Europe, that honor goes to The Croke  Park in Dublin, Ireland and specifically in England the most-booked  hotel is The Montague on The Gardens, London.

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