Would You Eat the $2300 "World's Most Expensive Burger?"

May 28th marked International Burger Day and in celebration, Dutch chef Diego Buik set out to create the world's most expensive burger. According to Guinness he did just that with a $23-hundred meal.

The burger contains a lobster and gin infused beef patty along with   foie gras, white truffle, caviar, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and  Madagascan vanilla. The burger is then stuffed in a brioche bun made  with saffron and covered in gold leaf.

The best part? Chef Buik himself knows it's not the best burger he's  ever had. "Byron in London served me the best burger I've ever had," he  explains, "a beef burger on a brioche bun with dried bacon, Byron sauce,  tomato, red onion, and aged cheddar. It cost me about $18." Lesson  learned.


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