How Much Should Your 4th of July BBQ Cost?

With the July 4th weekend fast approaching, there are bound to be a  bunch of people hosting cookouts and barbecues, which can get costly.  But according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, it doesn’t have to  be. 

The group put out their annual report on the cost of a typical July  4th cookout, and they claim a bash for 10 people should only set you  back $55.70...TOTAL. That's right, you only need to spend about  $5.57 per person. Not only does that number sounds low (I mean  seriously where do they go shopping?) it is actually a slight decrease  (1%) from last year.

The amount is based on 97 volunteer shoppers in 25 states, who retail  prices at their local grocery store to determine the overall costs. And  believe it or not, the $55.60 doesn’t just have you serving a few  measly burgers and dogs.

According to the report, that cost will get you: 

  • eight hotdogs and buns
  • eight quarter-pound hamburgers and buns with cheese slices
  • four pounds of pork spare ribs
  • ketchup and mustard
  • three pounds of Deli potato salad
  • 28-ounces of baked beans
  • 15 ounces of corn chips
  • two quarts of lemonade
  • two quarts of chocolate milk
  • four pounds of watermelon for dessert 

Source: American Farm Bureau Federation

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