Which PA Counties Have the Most Turnpike Violations?

Which Counties in PA have the most Turnpike violations?  No surprise... the areas around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have the most outstanding violations.   Meanwhile, there's exactly ZERO violations in lovely Potter County (nicknamed "God's Country").    See how YOUR county stacks up >> CLICK HERE <<

Luckily there's a new amnesty program for the worst violators.  


The PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) is warning 10,611 PA Turnpike motorists with overdue toll violations and invoices that they could risk having their motor-vehicle registrations suspended if they don’t make good on their debt. The PTC today unveiled a partial amnesty program to encourage its top toll scofflaws — motorists who together racked up invoices and violations worth $17.1 million — to pay now before the law kicks in on Aug. 4.

The 10,611 Turnpike motorists with six or more outstanding toll invoices or violations — or unpaid tolls and fees totaling $500 or more — are at risk of suspension when the lawknown as Act 165 of 2016, takes effect next month. Until then, motorists who pay now can have additional fees waived through the PA Turnpike’s partial-amnesty program.

“Our customers pay tolls so we can keep our roadway safe and in good repair and meet our obligation to PennDOT to help fund mass-transit services statewide,” said Turnpike CEO Mark Compton. “Now, those who are habitually taking a free ride — both private and commercial drivers — will have to stop doing that, or risk a suspension. It’s simply not fair to those who do pay their fair share.”

Act 165, enacted last fall, provides stronger enforcement tools to all tolling agencies in the Commonwealth to ensure motorists who use a toll road or bridge pay what’s owed. 

“Last week, letters explaining our partial amnesty plan were mailed to those at imminent risk of suspension. While repeat violators may have ignored multiple past attempts to collect outstanding tolls and penalties, this is a notice they should not ignore,” Compton said. “Also, anyone with an outstanding toll bill or violation can take advantage of this month’s partial-amnesty program – not just those at the highest levels of violation.”

As of June 23, the 10,611 PA Turnpike motorists at risk of suspension of their motor-vehicle registration were mailed a total of 280,855 violation notices and invoices — or more than 26 letters per scofflaw. The PTC today provided a county-by-county breakdown of the number of the top violators and the amounts owed, as well as information on the top interchanges with the highest percentage of violators.

To learn more about the partial-amnesty program, or to check if you have unpaid PA Turnpike toll violations, visit www.PATurnpike.com/violationenforcement. To pay now, call 1-877-PennPass (877-736-6727) from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays. There will be times when callers wait in queue or may not be able to get through on the first try. Callers can leave a message and will receive a return call within 24 to 48 hours.

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