Mom Sues Son For $1 Million For Dental Training…And Wins

A Taiwan court says a man must repay his mother almost  one-million dollars for raising and funding his training to become a  dentist. The woman, who has been identified as Ms. Luo, apparently signed a contract with her son in 1997.

He was 20 at the time and the document stated he would pay her 60% of  his monthly income after becoming a dentist. According to court papers,  Luo was worried her sons would be unwilling to care for her in old  age…and she had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in putting both  of them through dentistry school.

All was well until he refused to pay her for several years. Luo's son, Mr. Chu  argued it's wrong to demand a financial return for raising a child. The  court didn't see it that way and ruled the contract is valid. And in  the end? Chu has been ordered to make back payments – including interest  – to his mom.

Source: BBC News

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