Uh-Oh! What Those Emojis REALLY Mean!

These days a lot of people will bypass using real words and instead  try to express themselves with emojis, but it turns out, a lot of people  are probably using those emojis all wrong. 

My Domain has just come out with a list of the most misused emojis,  along with what they are really meant to be used for, and you may feel a  little embarrassed after seeing what you’ve been incorrectly texting  all this time.

Common misused emojis include:

  • The Love Hotel – It looks like a building with a H  on the front, and a pink heart to the side, which some people have used  to represent a caring hospital, or possibly a symbol for "home is where  the heart is,” but the truth it's the symbol for a hotel that rents  rooms by the hour for trysts. 
  • Cooking – The frying pan with an egg emoji is often  used to convey just that, frying an egg, but the reality is it’s meant  to represent cooking in general. 
  • Dizzy –The star at the end of a crescent light is  often used to represent a shooting star, but it’s actually there to  represent the feeling of being dizzy. 
  • Proud – That round face with steam blowing from the  nostrils is most likely used to represent angry, but it actually  represents proud, but not in the good way. Instead it means “proud and  disdainful" as in "I'm right and you're wrong."
  • Relieved – That face with what looks like a tear on  one side isn’t supposed to be used to express sadness or being upset,  instead it’s actually a sad but relieved face.
  • Openness – You may have used the two hands side by  side with the palms facing outward emoji to say “whatever,” but in truth  it’s supposed to represent openness.
  • Sassy Woman – That cheerful looking woman raising  one outstretched palm isn’t actually the sassy gal as you may think.  It’s actually part of the information desk person's emojis and  represents a women who’s here to help you.

Source: Daily Mail

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