The BEST Diet For 2018

"US News & World Report" has ranked the best diets for 2018 and  there’s not just one winner. After all, finding a healthy diet isn't  just about about weight loss - they're about overall health, too (at  least they should be). As the folks at the magazine see it, their  “analysis puts hard numbers on the common-sense belief that no diet is  ideal for everybody.”

In the end, the DASH diet and Mediterranean diet tied for number one as the Best Overall.

  • DASH wasn't created as a way to drop pounds, but as a means of  combating high blood pressure (it stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop  Hypertension). Technically, DASH is not referred to as a diet, but an  "eating plan."
  • If you want to drop pounds then check out Weight Watchers. Weight  Watchers is holding on to the number one spot for Best Weight-Loss  Diets.

Then there's the Keto Diet, which aims weight-loss through  fat-burning, by slashing carbs and filling up on fats. Since there’s no  one diet that will suit everybody equally, experts say you ought to ask  yourself a few questions to help identify the right fit for you: Is it  too restrictive? And, how long can I stay on it? Bottom line - don't do  anything you can't live with forever. Changing your eating habits is  about a lifestyle change (that is, if you want to lose and keep that  winter layer gone).

For a complete list of ranking diets click HERE.

The Best Diets Overall - 2018

  • #1 DASH Diet (tie)
  • #1 Mediterranean Diet (tie)
  • #3 The Flexitarian Diet
  • #4 Weight Watchers Diet
  • #5 MIND Diet (tie)
  • #5 TLC Diet (tie)
  • #5 Volumetrics Diet
  • #8 Mayo Clinic Diet
  • #9 Ornish Diet
  • #10 The Fertility Diet (tie)
  • #10 Vegetarian Diet (tie)

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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