Pennsylvania's Worst Flu Season Ever?

Medical experts are saying you ought to brace yourself for what  may be the worst flu season in history. This year's main flu strain,  known as the influenza A virus, is coming in worse than the swine flu of  2009 that made 51-thousand people sick in Australia alone.

The Centers For Disease Control says this year's flu virus in the  U.S. could reach epidemic proportions soon. In Arizona, health officials  say flu cases are up more than 758 percent over this time last year.

The CDC reports the flu is widespread in 46 states, including  California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia. To make  matters worse, the flu vaccine is not proving to be very effective  against this year's main strain because of a virus mutation.

  • The flu is also costly. CDC estimates the flu costs the United  States more than ten-billion dollars a year in direct medical expenses.  Lost earnings from the flu cost businesses more 16-billion dollars  annually.

Source: CNBC

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