Eagles Fan Stole A Super Bowl Stadium Seat!

Eagles Fan Stole A Stadium Seat From The Super Bowl - How this could have possibly not been noticed is beyond us.

It was a super swipe after someone took home a super seat from the  Super Bowl stadium site in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Sports Facilities  Authority is investigating the theft after evidence was posted that a  chair was missing from U.S. Bank Stadium.

How did they find out? The thief was dumb enough to post it online! A  photo posted on Reddit shows one missing seat and two others without  seat backs. Barstool Sports tweeted what appears to be a Philadelphia  Eagles fan walking off with a stadium seat under a coat.

Amazingly, not even the TSA stopped him. No security personnel from the stadium on did.

We're not allowed to post the video.  You can watch it HERE>> http://www.startribune.com/eagles-fans-swipe-seats-from-u-s-bank-stadium/472927273/

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