Eagles Fan Spread Grandfather's Ashes at Parade

Life-long fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are getting their ashes spread along the parade route.

Tens of thousands of Eagles fans poured into the streets of  Philadelphia yesterday for the team's first-ever Super Bowl parade. Some  fans brought the ashes of their dead relatives to the parade and  sprinkled them along the route. Even the Eagles recognized fans that had  passed. Hey, it was a 60 year wait. We get it.

Philly native Dustin Slaughter  brought a small urn with his father's ashes and told the "Philadelphia  Inquirer" that if his pop were alive today, he would have been one of  the first folks there.

Another Eagles fan tweeted that his uncle's remains were going to the  parade to spread. One devoted fan flew up from Florida to spread his  grandfather's ashes and another fan posted a video of it on Twitter.


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