Train Your Brain to FORGET Your Ex

Science has proven that the devastation can have serious negative  mental and physical effects on us. The hard part is moving in, but now  you can train your brain to get over your ex. Therapist and author Guy Winch has some great tips to erase him from your mind in the new book “How To Fix A Broken Heart.”

Try these out!

  • Remember the bad times. Keep a list handy.
  • Go on a reminder purge. A month after your breakup, visit the places that remind you of him, and make new memories with friends.
  • You’ll teach your mind to not react.
  • Don’t look for closure. Chances are you won’t find out why you got  dumped. Just tell yourself that they “why” doesn’t matter. This is  definitely the hardest, but most important step.

Source: New York Post

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