What's the IDEAL Amount of Money to Be Happy?

While money can’t buy you happiness, most people will say it sure can  help. But just how much money does a person need to be happy? Well, a  new study has the answer. 

According to research by Purdue University and published in "Nature  Human Behavior," folks don’t actually need as much as they think to be  happy, although the actual sum may depend on where they’re living. The  study is the result of a survey of over 1.7-million people in 164  countries, which asked folks how much money they thought they needed for  emotional well-being, and “life evaluation,” a.k.a. overall  satisfaction with life.

In the end, the study found that for individuals (not families),  $95,000 a year was the “ideal income point” when it came to life  evaluation, meaning for folks to be happy with their life on the whole.  Meanwhile anywhere between $60,000 to $75,000 a year was the amount  needed for emotional well-being, which is when folks are generally happy  each day and content with their situation.

Source: New York Post

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