Signs a Marriage is Doomed - From the Wedding Photographer

When a couple gets married, it’s doubtful either the bride or groom  thinks that at some point their marriage is going to end, but it turns  out there’s at least one person at the wedding who can tell right away  if the couple has staying power – the photographer.

There’s no doubt wedding photographers have seen it all, and since  they spend a lot of time getting to know a couple before the big day  many can see the signs of a doomed relationship before the “I Dos” are  even said. 

Well, some photographers have now shared the red flags that tell them  a couple may be headed for divorce, so if you’re worried about the  strength of your bond, you may want to pay attention.

Red flags include:

  • One of the partners is completely uninterested in photographs  – Even if one member of a couple doesn’t like being photographed, they  usually participate freely to make their partner happy, but that isn’t  always the case, and not caring about your partner’s needs and wants is a  definitely sign of trouble.
  • The couple has more than a 20% rejection rate on their RSVPs  – It’s normal to have between 10 and 15% of guests turn down your  invitation, but one photographer notes that if it goes above 20 to 25%,  “It’s a telltale sign that your friends and family know that the couple  is never going to work out!”
  • The chemistry feels forced – Some photographers  notice instances where one member of the couple “overcompensates” for  their partner, and seems more interested in the perfect picture for  social media, or recreating something they saw on Pinterest than having  photos that capture their natural chemistry.
  • There’s infighting among the bridal party – Too much drama between members of the bridal party can be a bad sign for a supposedly happy couple. 
  • The couple isn’t on the same page about finances –  If one member of the couple wants to spend way more money than the other  there’s a good shot things won’t last. As one photographer notes,  “Money is an important factor in all marriages and often plays a part in  why they fail.”
  • The couple makes sarcastic digs at each other while taking photos  – Couples who bicker and fight throughout their wedding day, even if  they claim they’re only joking, are headed for trouble, because,  “there’s usually some truth behind each did or joking statement.” 
  • The relationship seems built on physical attraction alone  – Couples who seem overly affectionate could be overcompensating for  lack of an emotional attraction, which could lead to unhappiness down  the line.
  • The couple hardly spends any time together at the reception  – Sure there are a lot of guests to welcome during a reception, but if a  couple spends barely any time together during the party that’s not  good. Explained one photographer, “I have photographed an entire  reception and only captured a handful of images of the couple together ―  that’s a very bad sign.” 

Source: Huffington Post

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