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Jake Owen paid homage to a legendary country artist with a cover of one of his songs. Owen shared the “late night/early morning” rendition that he performed from the garage, explaining that he’s “def a clinger to an old sad song. Especially, when it is sung by the great gentle giant Don Williams.” Owen opted for “Ghost Story,” a track from the Don Williams Vol. 3 album that released in 1974:

“I’ve seen how you tremble/ Whenever he walks through your mind/ Stirring up memories that cloud up your eyes/ Where the light of our love ought to shine
“I know that he hurt you, hurt you so bad/ He must have been going insane/ Now I've finally learned how to hold you together/ When somebody mentions his name
“He's just a ghost story so don't let him scare you/ He's not really there like he seems/ And tonight when I hold you I'll hold you so close/ I’ll love him right out of your dreams”

Williams recorded at least one major hit song annually, beginning in 1974 and spanning to 1991, according to his bio. The legendary musician died in 2017. He was 78. “In giving voice to songs like ‘Good Ole Boys Like Me,’ ‘Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good,’ and ‘Amanda,’ Don Williams offered calm, beauty, and a sense of wistful peace that is in short supply these days. His music will forever be a balm in troublesome times,” Kyle Young, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum CEO, said in a statement. “Everyone who makes country music with grace, intelligence, and ageless intent will do so while standing on the shoulders of this gentle giant.”

Listen to Owen’s take on “Ghost Stories” here:

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