Carly Pearce Steps In For Lainey Wilson To Perform Duet With Cole Swindell

Photo: Getty Images

Carly Pearce is still reliving a powerful onstage moment with Cole Swindell as the two country hitmakers took the stage at Luke Bryan’s annual Crash My Playa festival in Mexico.

Pearce teamed up with Swindell on stage for the powerful duet, “Never Say Never,” which Swindell released with reigning iHeartRadio Music Awards Best New Country Artist Lainey Wilson on his 13-track album, Stereotype, which released last year. Pearce stood in for Wilson to perform the smoldering duet, which portrays an on-again, off-again relationship as the couple at the center of the storytelling song backslides into old habits. Swindell and Wilson previously released an eerie music video for the song about an unlikely romance, filming it on prison grounds.

“I never say never with you/ I end up together with you/ It's hell and it's heaven with you, baby/ Anything's possible/ The highs are unstoppable/ It's so uncontrollable, it's crazy/ We say we won't and then we do/ You're all I want/ I never say never with you”

Pearce and Swindell were part of an all-star lineup at Bryan’s 8th annual Crash My Playa festival, which took place over the weekend (January 19-22) at Moon Palace Cancun in Mexico. Other artists who took the stage include Ashley McBryde, Brian Kelley, Chase Rice, Dylan Scott, Chris Stapleton and many more. Watch a snippet of Pearce’s performance with Swindell here:

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