My Food Spread Picks: It's A Philly Thing, With A Twist, Go Birds!

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Philly Cheesesteak Dip

Sautéed Onions & Peppers ( suggestion: use butter to sauté with a little brown sugar to caramelize onions!)

Shaved Steak Meat

Sour Cream

Cream Cheese



Mix it all together/ Heat it up and dunk some good hoagie roll pieces in it!

Hoagie Dip

Cut up the following in very small pieces or cubes:






American Cheese

Mix together Mayo with Oil & Vinegar

Mix in Lettuce Tomato and Cucumber

Top with pepperoncinis and black olives

Use baguettes to dunk!

Roasted Pork Sliders

Marinate your pork shoulder overnight if possible-

Fennel, Salt, Pepper, garlic and oil

Roast the pork with peppers and onions until tender and done

Key part of these****

Broccoli Rabe

Cook the Broccoli Rabe in olive oil and garlic

Slice the pork thin

Put it on a hoagie roll- toasted

Top with a ton of Broccoli Rabe and a banana pepper

Cheese if you want but use provolone!

A little Healthy Cucumber Tomato Salad




Oregano/ Salt& Pepper to taste- Yup that's it

Philly Pretzels-

Look, I am not going to lie, don't try and make them. Do yourself a favor, get in the car drive to Philadelphia, find a man on a corner and buy 6. \

Or go to Philly Pretzel Factory- pretty darn close if not perfect.

Then glob mustard on them and call it a day.

Cannoli Dip

 ricotta cheese

 cream cheese, at room temperature or you can use mascarpone cheese

vanilla extract

miniature semisweet chocolate chips

Dunk with Cannoli Shells or Nilla Wafers work too.

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