Pennsylvania Restaurant Named Best Under-The-Radar Steakhouse In The State

Christmas Roast Beef Dinner

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Is there ever a bad time for a delicious steak meal?

Sometimes, you don't need an excuse to treat yourself. Simply existing and doing your best is enough to sit down and enjoy a juicy steak with a variety of sides and garnishes. While it's always great to seek out a steakhouse with an abundance of rave reviews and a continually large number of patrons; there's something special about being one of the first people to discover a new steakhouse and spread the word... especially when the establishment serves some of the most crave-worthy steak around!

According to a list compiled by Cheapism, the best under-the-radar steakhouse in Pennsylvania is Urban Farmer in Philadelphia.

Here's what Cheapism detailed about the absolute best under-the-radar restaurant to order a steak in the entire state:

"This highly rated Philly steakhouse is a farm-to-table masterpiece. Urban Farmer sources local ingredients for the menu and cuts and dry-ages its butcher's cuts of heritage-bred beef, which includes grass-fed, grain-finished, and corn-fed varieties. The rustic pantry features house-made preserved and pickled local produce, and Urban Farmer grows its own herbs, makes and dries charcuterie, and even creates the candles on its tables."

For a continued list of the best under-the-radar places to order a steak across the country visit

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