Pennsylvania Restaurant Serves The Second Most Expensive Burger In America

A huge stacked burger and fries

Photo: iStockphoto

Can you imagine paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a burger? While these delicious entrees are definitely worth the hype, we will let you decide if they are worth the dollar amount attached to the order.

According to Cheapism, the second most expensive burger in the country is sold right here in Pennsylvania, and it costs a pretty penny...hundreds of them actually. This meat masterpiece is served at The Gold Standard at Drury Beer Garden in Philadelphia

How large of a bill does this famous burger run you ask? That will be $700 please! The burger, currently existing as the second most expensive burger in the entire United States, contains fragments of gold, caviar, and black truffle among other fancy ingredients.

Here's what Cheapsim had to say about the second most expensive burger in the country:

"Head to DBG in Philly for “The Gold Standard” burger: an A5 Wagyu patty with Wexford aged Irish cheddar cheese, black truffle, lobster flambéed in Remy Martin’s infamous Louis XIII cognac, a gold leaf, and, obviously, some caviar. Oh, and some fries with Manuka honey drizzled all over them. Oh, oh, and also a little side pony of more Louis XIII. And then you eat it. And all that money is gone."

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