Pennsylvania Eatery Serves The 'Best Classic Hamburger' In The Entire State

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You simply cannot go wrong with a classic hamburger, especially when it's served at one of the best restaurants in the entire state!

Regardless of your favorite toppings or tastes, there is one restaurant in each state known for serving classic burgers like no other. Be it quality of ingredients, specific cooking methods, or ambiance to match the out-of-this-world taste of their food, something about this restaurant landed it on the very top of the list of eateries serving the best classic hamburgers in the entire state.

According to a list compiled by LoveFood, the best classic hamburger in all of Pennsylvania can be found at M20 Burgers & Salads in Philadelphia.

Here's what LoveFood had to say about the absolute best classic hamburger served in Pennsylvania:

"There's something to satisfy every taste at M2O, a much-loved neighbourhood joint with an amazing burger menu. It all starts with classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers, though – the thin, all-beef patties are crispy around the edges and still juicy on the inside. They're either served on their own, or with a slice of melted American cheese, in a soft bun."

For a continued list of restaurants that serve the best classic hamburgers across the country visit

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