Amy’s Friend Read Mean Comments About Her On Show Facebook Page

Amy’s best friend was on The Bobby Bones Show Facebook page and saw a post about Amy’s movie, Holiday Harmony, and started reading through the comments. She sent Amy a screenshot of some guy saying she’s gotten too full of herself. Another woman replied to that comment saying she agreed. Amy’s friend replied to both and defended her.  

It got Amy thinking about why she never looks at the shows Facebook page because comments like those can really mess with her head. She started thinking maybe she had gotten too full of herself and wondered what other people on the show thought.  

Lunchbox thinks she has gotten a bit of an ego from talking about Holiday Harmony, too much. Bobby Bones came to Amy’s defense and said she hasn’t gotten too full of herself, and they must talk about their lives constantly to bring content to the show. Bones gets similar comments and reminds people he has to talk about his life because it’s his show and he needs to share relatable and compelling stories to get paid. 

Amy wanted to remind people to be nice in the comments section on Facebook!  

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