Lunchbox Tried To Buy ’12 Days of Christmas’ Gifts

Lunchbox doesn't think the Bobby Bones Show has been in the Christmas spirit, so he thought he’d cheer us up and called a store trying to buy the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ gifts from the song.  

He called a department store and asked for:  

  • 12 Drummers drumming 
  • 11 Pipers piping 
  • 10 Lords-a-leaping  
  • 9 Ladies dancing  
  • 8 Maids-a-milking  
  • 7 Swans-a-swimming 
  • 6 Geese-a-laying  
  • 5 Gold rings  
  • 4 Colly birds  
  • 3 French hens  
  • 2 Turtle doves  
  • 1 Partridge in a pear tree 

The store didn’t have any of those available and didn’t think any store would have them. He told the employee on the phone that he wasn’t sure what to get his wife anymore since that’s what she wrote on her Christmas wish list. The employee ended up hanging up on him. 

Bobby Bones suggested that he call again but not sing the song. He said to just ask for those gifts normally and maybe the employee won’t think they’re being pranked by a caroler.  

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