Show Opens Disney Lorcana Cards To See If Investment Was Worth It

Members of The Bobby Bones Show all pitched in money and bought two boxes of Disney Lorcana Cards! They were the investment that Mike D pitched, and now we’re going to find out if it was worth it! It’s the first time Disney has ever put out a trading card game and they were purchased for $28 each for both boxes, $125 total from eBay.  

Each box contains eight packs of cards and each one could possibly have a rare one in it. You want to get cards that have some of the biggest Disney characters on them, and if you have the top one with Elsa from Frozen on it, it’s worth $400. There is a possibility to have multiple Elsa cards and the reason that card is so rare is because they’ve made less of them. You can sell the cards individually on eBay. 

Other valuable cards include: Tinkerbell worth $210, Mickey Mouse Wayward Sorcerer worth $197, Stitch worth $183, Aurora worth $170, Belle Strange but Special worth $154, Simba $135, Heidi $130, Genie $120, Maui $115, and Rapunzel $47. There are other cards, but they aren’t worth more than $47. Everyone who invested in the cards voted to keep one box unopened, and open one to see if they got any rare cards!  

The first pack of cards included:

  • Zeus worth $2. 
  • Let It Go Song Card worth $10. 
  • Belle the Inventive Engine worth $2. 
  • The Cheshire Cat worth $2. 
  • Pascal worth 47 cents.  
  • total = almost $15.  

The second pack included:

  • Prince Phillip the Dragon Slayer worth $1. 
  • Uncommon Smash worth $5. 
  • Rare Dragon Fire worth $2. 
  • Heroic Outlaw Aladian worth $4. 
  • Legendary Maleficent Monstrous Dragon worth $38.19. 
  • total = almost $50.  

The third pack included:

  • Uncommon Starky worth 20 cents. 
  • Rare Zeus God of Lightning worth $6. 
  • Rare Mother of Gothel Selfish Manipulator worth $4.  
  • total = $13.  

The fourth pack included:

  • Uncommon Ariel on Human Legs worth 12 cents. 
  • Uncommon Kronk Right-hand man worth $1. 
  • Cut to the Chase Mickey Mouse worth 18 cents.  
  • Steal From The Rich Action Card worth $5.  
  • Ariel Whoseit Collector worth $10.  
  • Legendary John Silver Alien Pirate worth $25.  

They opened four packets and in total made $120. They will open more later this week!  

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