My take on Valentine's Day is a little different than the average human!! However, I do love chocolate and flowers, dark choc that is!  To be quite honest go ahead and get the usual and don't feel bad because us ladies just want to feel special... and a gift is a gift!

But if you want to take it to a whole new level and you waited too long for an extravagant present, don't worry ladies, I have your back!

For the Man!

Wrap up the things he needs in the ultimate Man Basket!  And guess what that's a trip to Target or Walmart.   In fact if it's underwear and socks, fold them up to look like hearts or put them in a box of chocolate! It's all in how you package these items.

Some men are car junkies so make a bouquet of fun car things in a vase... Windshield wipers, car rags and tire cleaner all can be arranged to look like a bouquet! And don't forget the red bow!

The snacker is easy-peasy!  Go to the store today and buy beef jerky, chips or whatever he likes and put them in a giant basket... I feel like this is a win for your belly too!

My favorite item is the gift card pinata.  Men love to wreck things so buy a cheap pinata and fill it with candy and gift cards!  

For the woman in your life...

You're screwed... should have shopped yesterday lol!

No but really... here is a link to some other great items!

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