If I Was A Betting Man (Woman)... And Animal Predictions!

Super Bowl Prop Bets Out

(Glendale, AZ) -- Football fans are now making prop bets on the Super Bowl. The wagers not tied to the score of the game include who will be the game's MVP, whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, and on what color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach. Over 50-million adults are expected to bet around 16-billion-dollars on the Super Bowl. That's roughly 20% of the U.S. population and would be a record for the amount of people betting on the game. Super Bowl 57 between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs takes place Sunday in Glendale, Arizona.

Hogle Zoo Lion Makes Super Bowl Pick

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- A lion at the Hogle Zoo is trying to keep alive its successful string of picking the winning team in the Super Bowl. Vulcan the lion chose the Philadelphia Eagles during an event yesterday at the zoo. Vulcan successfully picked the New England Patriots as winners of the big game in 2015, and picked the Rams to win last year. The zoo has also let an elephant and a tiger make Super Bowl picks in previous years.

Florida Sea Turtle Predicts Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl

(Davie, FL) -- A South Florida sea turtle predicts the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl this weekend. Captain is the ambassador sea turtle at Nova Southeastern University. Lettuce was dangled over the logos of both teams -- the Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs -- and Captain chose the Eagles. Super Bowl 57 is this Sunday in Arizona.

ZooMontana Red Panda Picks Eagles To Win Super Bowl

(Billings, MT) -- A furry creature in Billings is going all-in on his pick for Sunday's Super Bowl. The red panda named Pabu at ZooMontana made his prediction yesterday, choosing a bamboo stalk representing the Philadelphia Eagles. This was Pabu's first year predicting the winner of the big game, taking over for a wolverine named Sid. The Eagles will play the Kansas City Chiefs in this year's Super Bowl.

Shapiro Bets with Missouri, Kansas Govs On Super Bowl Outcome

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro has made wagers with Missouri's and Kansas' governors on the outcome of the Super Bowl Sunday. The governor's office says Shapiro and Missouri's Governor Mike Parson are exchanging Eagles and Chiefs flags, and the governor of the losing team will hang the winning team's flag in his office next week. The wager with Kansas leader Laura Kelly involves various foods from Pennsylvania small businesses. Those include soft pretzels from Philly, cheesesteaks and Eagles Mini Donuts. If the Eagles win, Kelly will provide Shapiro with Creekstone Farms Black Angus Beef and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.

Zoo Elephants Pick Eagles To Win Sunday

(Honolulu, HI) -- While it can be hard to predict a winner for Super Bowl 57, elephants at the Honolulu Zoo had not problem. This afternoon, the two animals were given two sets of watermelons representing either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs. Both elephants choose the Eagles. Following the decision, one of the elephants ate the Chiefs watermelon.

Colorado Wolf Predicts Super Bowl Winner

(Divide, CO) -- A Colorado wolf is predicting the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl. The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center let a wolf named Chakra make the pick in a video posted to YouTube yesterday. The organization is riding a two-game winning streak when it comes to Super Bowl predictions. Wolves correctly picked Tampa Bay in 2021 and the Rams last year.

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