Best & Worst States For Millennials 2023: How Does PA Rank?

Millennials make up 21.8% of the US population, making them the generation with the most inhabitants in the country. We have seen them committed to the social environment seeking constant changes to improve, but this generation has also various concerns, including the cost of living and their personal finances.

To better understand their reality and challenges, analysts at Scholaroo have released the second edition of the Best & Worst States For Millennials 2023. The study analyzes economic, social, and environmental metrics across all 50 states. As a result, for the second time in a row, Pennsylvania has emerged as the 33rd best state for millennials.

Here are Pennsylvania's rankings in the Best States For Millennials 2023:

#28: Affordability

#25: Political & Social Environment

#46: Employment

#40: Quality of Life

#18: Health

#21: Personal Finance

#11: Safety

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