Celebrating the Women of Central PA with Gabby and Faith Kerchner

Let me introduce to the future! Gabby and Faith Kerchner have been collecting bears for the Hershey Bears Bear Toss for 9 years. But collecting just sounds so minimal considering all the work the put in for the entire year! Storing, collecting, counting and then the ultimate pay-off of donation!

This is the first time I interviewed under the age of 25 and for good reason I chose Gabby. She has 13 and collected more Bears than anyone I know! And now her sister Faith is keeping the message going!

Gabby wanted to share her acts of kindness with others so we set up this page. She hopes you are all inspired to be kind to each other and share that here.

International Women's Day: Celebrating the Women of Central PA is proudly sponsored by The Questioneers at Whitaker Center!

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