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Megan Moroney, "Want The Dawgs To Win, That's Where My Loyalty Lies"

Meghan Moroney With Otis and Angie

Photo: iHeart Atlanta/MKO

Megan Moroney is fast becoming one of the hot new Country artists exploding on the charts with her song "Tennessee Orange" and her new song "Girl In The Mirror" that just released today. She is a proud UGA grad and loves her Georgia Roots.

"All my songs come are written on real experiences, so I'd say 'Tennessee Orange' falls under that", she told Moote, Kimmie, and Otis. It's a love song, but joked that she worried people wouldn't "understand how wrong that is" having to wear orange for a boyfriend from Tennessee and being from Georgia. "I feel like I won't the Georgia people over with the 'I still want the Dawgs to win. I really clarified at the end that's where my loyalty lies."

He journey has been almost a bit of an overnight success type journey. "The first whole year I lived here [Nashville] in 2020 I was literally writing songs everyday....then by 2022 I recorded my first EP," she said it was pretty quick. Nashville is a "10 Year town" for most artists, but Megan exploded onto a high chart position with 'Tennessee Orange" her debut single.

Her new single that came out today "Girl In The Mirror" is "the most vulnerable I've been on a record" she told MKO. "I think with social media people see others and think 'Oh, she's got her life together', and it's like 'No' I have horrible taste in men too.

The song is based around being in a negative and verbally abusive relationship where you start to hate the "girl in the mirror" because of what you are being constantly told. The line "She love the boy more than the girl in the mirror" really hits hard.

Being from UGA we had to test her out a little in "Georgepardy" on MKO. She played against one of our listeners also named Megan from Woodstock.

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