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Weis Ways To Save Our Planet

Celebrating Frozen Food Month With Weis

We're freezin' for a reason this month! It's Frozen Food Month at Weis Markets. Frozen foods offer convenience and cost-effective meal and snack solutions. In this episode you'll learn how to take full advantage of everything the frozen food aisle has to offer to eat better and spend less.

Weis Ways To Be Heart Healthy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases make up almost 900,000 American deaths each year. That’s one in every three deaths. Yet about 80% of cases are preventable. February is American Heart Month and Weis Dietitian Melissa is here with some knowledge and tips on how to better our heart health.

Weis Ways To Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects more than 37 million Americans, so a lot of people have questions about how to manage it with food. In this episode of Word to the Weis, we'll learn more about how to manage your diabetes or how to take preventative measures.

Weis Ways To Get Pumped For Pumpkin

Word To The Weis is a podcast that explores how history can fuel innovation to make where we live better.You're not going anywhere without seeing everything pumpkin. Carving...decorating...and, yes, even cooking with pumpkin! In this episode of Word To The Weis you'll learn how to use this versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes. Plus, have you ever tried Pizza Pumpkin Seeds? You'll want to after this episode!

Weis Ways To Pack Lunches Kids Will Eat

A healthy, balanced lunch is an essential component to a positive and successful school day. On this episode of Word To The Weis, you'll learn how to make healthy lunches kids will actually eat. You will hear great suggestions on using colors and shapes to keep food fun while also giving their developing brains what they need to thrive. Remember, food isn't nutritious if it isn't eaten. This episode should lead to some full bellies and empty lunch boxes.

Weis Ways To Eat Better & Spend Less (That's Weis!

Eating healthy on a budget? In this episode of Word To The Weis, you'll get some delicious tips on what to buy when you're shopping at Weis Markets. You'll learn what number on the price tag you should really focus on to make sure you're getting the best value. What about specific foods that will help you get more bang out of your grocery buck? We've got that covered too! And since we're in the heart of grilling season, we'll talk local produce. We've got great suggestions on which fruits and veggies work best on the grill!

Weis Ways To Enjoy Snacks On The Go

Let them snack! In this episode of Word To The Weis, you learn about the best snacks to hold you over while you're on the go. Have you ever made your own trail mix? You'll learn how to in this episode, plus you'll get great tips on simple grab-and-go snacks available right now at Weis. Why wait?

National Dairy Month/Fill a Glass With Hope

We're ready to MOOOOVE into National Dairy Month at Weis Markets. Let's celebrate nature's most nearly perfect food in this latest episode of Word To The Weis. You'll learn some fun facts about cows (yes, they can smell you coming!) and learn seven health benefits that you can get from dairy. You'll do more than just help yourself and your family when you shop for dairy at Weis Markets. You'll help to Fill a Glass With Hope, which helps foodbanks purchase milk for the families they serve!

Kids In The Kitchen

"Teach them to cook and they'll eat for a lifetime." You'd be surprised at how excited your kiddos may be when they get the chance to create in the kitchen. In this episode of Word to the Weis, you'll learn why it's so important to get kids involved with the preparation of their food at an early age. They can shop along side you at Weis Markets, cook (and clean up) with you in the kitchen, and ultimately eat better...and healthier!